Poverty and social exclusion, promote the development of violence and extremist acts. They represent the expression of the despair of marginalized populations such as Sidi Moumen, Casablanca.

We are also convinced that beyond the terror created by this violence, there in the background, there is a search for meaning. Indeed, the meaning we give to our lives greatly determines our actions. That’s why we built our work on a pilot project whose foundation is based on giving back meaning to the lives of our beneficiaries.

In order to give meaning back to ones life, they must first be able to live decently and with dignity. These are prerequisites to be able dream, have ambition and the motivation to contribute positively to society.

Thus we have equated our action according to the formula: Being + Knowledge + Expertise = Know-how.

The concrete objective of this pilot program is that each individual, especially youth reach a physical and mental balance allowing them to be able to continue their development autonomously and independently.

To achieve this balance, every aspect of the individual must be treated in isolation: being, knowledge, know-how and finally, knowing how to be: the final that result.

« A clinic to treat the physical state »

The scars and the wounds on our bodies remind us of moments and situations that keep us prisoners of the past. Learning how to love your body and take care of it, is a step towards acceptance and self-consideration.

Identified by stereotypes and false ideas that stick to their skin, the youth of Sidi Moumen eventually identify with these false beliefs and lose their self-esteem. Through  the COK project the Oum Keltoum complex aims at changing these negative images and uplifting a more positive outlook for youth.

This task requires: the reception at the clinic which provides basic care and psychological counseling, and that also directs them to the health facilities that meet their needs.

Most of these young people have not had access to an educational base because of the school system failures and lack of extracurricular structures in their neighborhood. A deficit of general culture is damaging for their personal development and relationships with others. The Oum Keltoum complex seeks to remedy this issue by regularly organizing conferences and workshops.

The subjects covered are very diverse: disease prevention in physical and psychological health, hygiene, family planning, civic, environmental, free will, social contract, spiritual and religious education …

These young people have the opportunity to learn their rights and responsibilities, the strengths and weaknesses which rule the world today, so they can progress without difficulty.

« Learning a craft through vocational training to achieve financial independence »

The complex currently offers a range of manual training: crafts (sewing, embroidery, knitting, cooking, baking) and building trades (carpentry, joinery).

We are also actively working to establish agreements with different working world stakeholders to support young people in learning a craft and helps them get a job.

« Leur inculquer les règles de la vie en société. »

The project COK aims at “manufacturing” the being. It is treated it and prepared to receive key and necessary data necessary for its autonomy.
The purely technical learning is not enough. To ensure their employability, these kids must learn to set goals and meet them and to meet their commitments, rules of life in society that inculcates COK project.
Contrary to what has been done before, the COK project offers young people in trouble a long-term framework that fits on a solid foundation. Its objective is to reconcile these young people with themselves and help them realize their dreams.