El Ghali Berrada Foundation

The complex Oum Keltoum was established by the mobilization of one family who is profoundly active in civil duties. At the very beginning El Ghali Berrada realized the weight of health and education on a country’s human development. Since then he involved himself profoundly in these two sectors putting the premium on solidarity and exchange. By his side his wife Oum Keltoum dedicated her life to helping those living in poverty.

Public health as a priority

Relieve the sufferance of the most unprivileged was the absolute priority of El Ghali Berrada who funded, through his Foundation, two big realizations:

  • in 1997 : the construction and equipment of the Hospital Moulay Youssef for a population of 600.000 residents
  • in 2002, the construction and equipment of the Polyclinic CNSS of Hay Hassani in a popular community with 850.000 residents

Education as the vertebrate of development

Knowledge is the first vector of development. The El Ghali Berrada Foundation developed and financed two major realizations:

  • Equipment of a University Library with 1000 places dedicated to students, professors and recherchers.
  • the creation of LINKS Research Center, with an objective of developing the students during their university education and through the change and process of employment.

Following their parents legacy, the children of El Ghali and Oum Keltoum Berrada have also put their knowledge and efforts into philanthropy. Mohamed, Fikria, Camélia Berrada decided to put their experience to serve a common cause.

Mohamed Berrada
Manager, former Ambassador & Finance Minister
He is an invaluable resource in the foundation as he is unifying the team. He is the project manager and facilitator of the Links Centre.

Fikria Berrada
Manager, former chairwoman of the association L’Heure Joyeuse
She brings home the Foundation with her experience in managing charity associations.She is the linchpin of the social complex Oum Keltoum.

Camélia Berrada
Law expert
She ensures the good management of the Foundation at the administrative and institutional levels.

Said Berrada
Company administrator
He brings his entrepreneurial and management expertise within the foundation.

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